> AA = all ages; 19+ = licenced; AA/19+ = all ages/licensed (if you're underage, don't be stupid and sneak a drink!)
> Time listed is for doors unless otherwise noted. You can assume the rock will start 30-45 min after doors open.
> If two prices are listed the first is for advance tickets and the second is the door price. If one ticket price is listed, chances are it may be a bit more at the door.
> Most ticket outlets charge a service charge - local stores charge a buck or two, online ticketing outlets charge a bit more, and Ticketmaster usually charges $5-10 per ticket.
> Ticket info tagged on to show listings. See below for ticket location codes.
> NEW = new or edited listing

03/27 - BAT SABBATH and more @ Zaphod Beeblebrox - 19+/8pm/$15 - VT, TF

03/30 - Operators, Charly Bliss, Potential Red @ Zaphod Beeblebrox - 19+/8pm/$13 - VT, TF

NEW 03/31 - Maria Dunn Music, Kathryn Berry, Audrey Saparno @ The Record Centre (1099 Wellington) - AA/7pm/$12/$15 - TF

NEW 03/31 - Neon Dreams, The Riot Police, Caveboy, Those Gulls @ Club SAW - AA/19+/8pm/$12/$15 - TF

NEW 03/31 - The Split, Tanika Charles, Harea Band, DJ Magnificent @ babylon - 19+/$15/$20 - TF

03/31 - Barbra Lica, Amanda Tosoff, Shirantha Beddage, Heather Bambrick and David Braid @ LIVE on Elgin (220 Elgin) - 19+/8pm/$20 - TF

NEW 03/31 - Bit Funk, FTSRL, Nick Soru, DJ Greg Reain @ Mercury Lounge (56 Byward) - 19+/9pm/$12/$15

NEW 03/31 - Colin Linden, Sean Pinchin, Corin Raymond, Kaia Kater @ The Rainbow - 19+/9pm/$20/$25 - TF

NEW 03/31 - Dilly Dally, The Dirty Nil, Expanda Fuzz, No Fuss @ House of TARG - 19+/9pm/$12/$15 - TF

NEW 03/31 - Kalle Mattson, Amanda Rheaume, Jenny Whiteley, Amanda Lowe @ St Albans Church (454 King Edward) - 19+/7pm/$15/$20 - TF

NEW 03/31 - THE BALCONIES, New Love, Scenic Route to Alaska, MUSHY GUSHY @ Zaphod Beeblebrox - 19+/8pm/$15 - TF

NEW 03/31 - The Honest Heart Collective, Casa Lagarto, STAY CLASSY, Stuck on Planet Earth @ Dominion Tavern - 19+/9pm/$12/$15 - TF

NEW 03/31 - Julian Taylor Band, Bleeker, Kassador, Mosely @ Mavericks - 19+/9pm/$15/$20 - TF

04/05 - Said The Whale, Fast Romantics @ Bronson Centre Theatre - AA/19+/7pm/$22 - VT, TF

04/06 - Pick A Piper, Yoo Doo Right and more @ House of TARG - 19+/9pm/$10 - VT, TF

04/07 - John K. Samson & The Winter Wheat and more @ Bronson Centre Theatre - AA/19+/7pm/$20 - VT, TF

04/08 - Lisa Leblanc, Jonathan Becker & The North Fields @ Zaphod Beeblebrox - 19+/7pm/$29 - VT, TF

NEW 04/14 - Leif Vollebekk and more @ First Baptist Church - AA/7pm/$17 - VT, TF

NEW 04/15 - The Bronx, Dave Hause and the Mermaid @ Zaphod Beeblebrox - 19+/8pm/$20 - VT, TF

NEW 04/18 - The Wedding Present, Colleen Green Band @ Zaphod Beeblebrox - 19+/8pm/$20 - VT, TF

NEW 04/20 - Silverstein and more @ The Brass Monkey - AA/7pm/$20 - VT, TF

NEW 04/22 - DUNE RATS and more @ Dominion Tavern - 19+/9pm/$15 - VT, TF

NEW 04/28 - Preoccupations and more @ Zaphod Beeblebrox - 19+/8pm/$12 - VT, TF

NEW 05/02 - Supersuckers and more @ Zaphod Beeblebrox - 19+/8pm/$16 - VT, TF

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BS: Birdman Sound
CMB: Compact Music Bank
CMG: Compact Music Glebe
LM: Long and McQuade
RSC: Raw Sugar Cafe

VT: Vertigo Records
CT: Capitaltckets.com
MV: Mavericksbar.com
TF: Ticketfly.com
TM: Ticketmaster
TW: TicketWeb.com

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