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Subject: Looking for bass player/lead singer
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Author: raymona
Subject: Looking for bass player/lead singer
Date: 11/13/14 1:18 pm

We're two guitarists and a drummer looking for a bass player/lead singer (male or female). We want to play heavy, riffy music with the occasional stretched out instrumental jam. We're looking for somebody who is dedicated enough to practice weekly and play shows on a regular basis. It would be great if you can play bass AND sing.

Some influences: Colour Haze, Brant Bjork/Che, Torche, All Them Witches, ASG, Neon Warship, Orange Goblin...


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Author: Bblair
Subject: Re: Looking for bass player/lead singer
Date: 01/06/15 4:44 pm

Hey, are you guys still looking? I'm a vocalist and play some bass. I'd say I can do an okay job of doing both at the same time (did back-up and bass in another band in the past).

Not sure if it adds anything, but I play trumpet, violin and keyboard as well.

Also, wanted to mention that I'm 23. How old are you guys? I'm just looking to play with some people around my own age.

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Author: czechmate
Subject: Vocals
Date: 04/30/15 4:05 pm

I am a seasoned vet of the local scene, having recorded an album and played every venue in Ottawa. I am a singer whose range goes between Phil Anselmo and Layne Stayley. Just saying, I can adapt to my environment. I am professionally trained, and know my job. I bring energy to shows, and love to the music.


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Author: dtlmurphy
Subject: Down to jam!
Date: 09/22/15 12:23 pm

You guys sound right up my ally! I'm a big fan of All Them Witches! Other influences: The Heavy Eyes, The Sword, Natural Child,

I've played guitar and bass for about 8 years and drums for about 2. I'm not a trained vocalist, but I've been told I have a good voice. I'm just mostly interested because of the style you described and your influences. If you guys wanna give me a shot, I'd love to come jam

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