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Subject: Drummer and Guitar Player Looking For More Members
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Author: David-George
Subject: Drummer and Guitar Player Looking For More Members
Date: 10/10/13 11:38 am

We're two guys in our early 20s that have been jamming for a little while. I'm really into pop punk/hardcore and the drummer is really into a band called Let Live. We'd like to go the full nine yards - lots of practices, investing, DIY tours/merch, etc... We've got a complete 5 piece band set-up, minus guitars and a few cables, at our temporary spot for auditions. Get in touch with me somehow and we'll try to set something up. Give me a call as opposed to a text please, but do what you got to do. Here's a few influences of mine and some demo track links.

Random Demos:




- Transit
- Let Live
- Overseas
- Neck Deep
- Brand New
- Real Friends
- Me Vs. Hero
- Sail To North
- Knuckle Puck
- Set Your Goals
- The Story So Far
- Four Year Strong
- With The Punches
- The Wonder Years
- Taking Back Sunday
- Forever Came Calling

Here's what we're looking for:

- Employed
- Fun-loving
- Team Player
- No hard drugs, no scene drama
- Professional & Business Minded
- Transportation (Car, Bus Pass or Gas $$$)
- Proper Gear (or willing to buy, sell or trade for what's required)
- Driver's license (even just to help out with tour driving would be a plus)

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Author: boyinthewindow
Date: 03/18/14 10:30 pm

I realize that this was posted a while ago, but I just saw it and I feel that I could fit in awesomely with you guys. I'm currently going to school here and am looking to get in with a serious pop punk band. I love all of the bands you've listed and I have my own gear. I take my music really seriously and I am looking to take it to the next level. I played in a band in high school and have played solo shows also. I have music here: https://theboyinthewindow.bandcamp.com and I sing and play all the instruments. Hopefully you see this and we can work something out.

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