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Subject: Huge Distro sale for Edge Day! SXE
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Author: SOM Rec
Subject: Huge Distro sale for Edge Day! SXE
Date: 10/17/15 12:45 pm

In honor of Edge Day we are having a sale on over 150 different vinyl releases along with some zones and tapes. All sxe bands or bands with some sxe members. Sale ends 10/20 and some titles will sell out so don't wait to long. Click here http://www.stateofmindrecordings.com/zencart/index.php?main_page=specials

On sale you will find titles by
7 Seconds / Anchor / Bane / Better Times / Blank Stare / Brother's Keeper / Coke Bust / Compound / Crucial Cause / Currahee / Damage Done / Damages / Day of the Dead / Dead Weight / Discourse / Dog Chains / Double Crossed / F.P.O. / Get the Most / Government Flu / Government Issue / Harkonen / Hounds of Hate / Internal Affairs / Iron / Justice / Modern Pain / Mongoloids / New Brigade / No harm Done / Noose / Not Sorry / Offsides / Poison Planet / Product X / Punch / Remission / Resurrection / Right Idea / Right On / Safe and Sound / Social Damage / Spine / Spinknykter / Spirits / Stalag 13 / Stay Hungry / Step Aside / Sweet Jesus / Test of Time / Thug x Life / Tied Down / To Kill / Token Entry / Trapped Under Ice / Truth Inside / Unbreakable / Unveil / Violence to Fade / Vitamin X / War Charge / War Hungry / Where it Ends / With Honor / Wrath, The / Written Off / Wrong Side, The / Zane
V/A At Both Ends 2x7" w/ Zine
V/A Americas Hardcore Vol 1
V/A Americas Hardcore Vol 2
V/A This is Hardcore LP
V/A Striving Higher LP
And much more.

Also the first pressing of SPIRITS Discontent LP is just about sold out. SPIRITS features key members of TEST OF TIME. For fans of Have Heart, Go it Alone, Battery, Count it Out.
You can stream or download our releases here http://www.stateofmindrecordings.bandcamp.com

For upcoming show and tour dates for all the bands we have worked with stay on top of our Facebook http://www.facebook.com/stateofmindrecordings
Check out our label and distro with over 2,000 different tiles in stock. Listen to our releases at www.stateofmindrecording.bandcamp.com

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