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No new posts Band looking for a drummer
Last post: 03/21/18 12:37 pm by sammygoat
0 sammygoat
No new posts Psychobilly - looking to join or start new band
Last post: 05/28/17 4:22 pm by katattack
0 katattack
No new posts Reggae / roots and dub
Last post: 03/14/17 2:08 pm by Matas
0 Matas
No new posts NEVERFRIEND Seeks Killer Bass Player
Last post: 10/21/16 10:39 pm by Scrunt
0 Scrunt
No new posts Alt/hard rock band seeks Drummer
Last post: 10/21/15 9:10 am by NothingPoetic
0 NothingPoetic
No new posts Blues Garage Punk Rock?
Last post: 09/30/15 8:35 pm by miserylovesdevo
1 dtlmurphy
No new posts Looking for bass player/lead singer
Last post: 09/22/15 12:23 pm by dtlmurphy
3 raymona
No new posts Hard Rock band seeks vocalist
Last post: 08/19/15 8:24 am by brads4
0 brads4
No new posts We need a drummer
Last post: 08/02/15 6:00 pm by chokehold
0 chokehold
No new posts Vocalist/uke player seek music mate(s)
Last post: 08/01/15 2:34 pm by ms.shane
0 ms.shane
No new posts Who needs a vocalist?
Last post: 07/13/15 12:37 am by ScreamVocalGuy
0 ScreamVocalGuy
No new posts Poll: female anybody?
Last post: 06/01/15 2:08 pm by losergeek
6 lostinnocence
No new posts Poll: Seriously, how fast can you shred, bro!?
Last post: 03/30/15 9:48 am by crazyfingers
1 miserylovesdevo
No new posts Alt Rock Band LF Drummer
Last post: 01/05/15 1:12 pm by Bblair
0 Bblair
No new posts Drums and Guitar LF Bassist in Garage, Punk Band
Last post: 11/26/14 1:39 pm by miserylovesdevo
2 miserylovesdevo
No new posts The soundtrack to a shitty day
Last post: 11/25/14 4:22 pm by Cult of the Sub
0 Cult of the Sub
No new posts Awesome Band Photography Free Photo-shoot!
Last post: 10/29/14 9:04 am by dangerbot!
0 dangerbot!
No new posts New EP by STEAMERS!
Last post: 09/20/14 12:19 pm by gratt
0 gratt
No new posts Drummer Wanted for Garage, Punk DIY Fun
Last post: 09/04/14 7:16 pm by moesplant
3 miserylovesdevo
No new posts Nu-Metal Anyone ?
Last post: 08/30/14 9:04 am by czechmate
1 music411
No new posts melodic punk rock
Last post: 07/28/14 6:12 pm by moesplant
0 moesplant
No new posts Vocals for metal or hardcore band
Last post: 07/25/14 4:38 am by Arch Enemy
1 filthmonger
No new posts Poll: Are you ACTUALLY fucking amazing at guitar/Drums?
Last post: 06/03/14 5:31 pm by crazyfingers
3 Torchyourface
No new posts Archaic is looking for a second guitarist
Last post: 06/03/14 1:18 pm by Archaic Band
0 Archaic Band
Last post: 05/31/14 6:08 pm by ScreamVocalGuy
0 ScreamVocalGuy
No new posts Black metal band L/F live drummer!
Last post: 05/13/14 10:01 pm by FenianBastard
0 FenianBastard
No new posts Skate Punk*
Last post: 05/03/14 1:32 pm by eriksincennes
2 marcustheasshol
No new posts Poll: Blink 182 with Breakdowns
Last post: 04/29/14 1:12 pm by ScreamVocalGuy
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24 music411
No new posts Guitarist needed for rock band
Last post: 04/09/14 12:40 pm by alienyde77
0 alienyde77
No new posts LF drummer 60's 70's rock/punk
Last post: 03/24/14 6:00 pm by cl
2 cl
No new posts Drummer and Guitar Player Looking For More Members
Last post: 03/18/14 10:30 pm by boyinthewindow
1 David-George
No new posts Looking for a soul + funk singer
Last post: 03/08/14 10:43 am by gratt
0 gratt
No new posts LF Bass player for active band
Last post: 03/03/14 3:11 pm by Hollywood
0 Hollywood
No new posts ENERGY!
Last post: 03/02/14 10:46 pm by Cult of the Sub
0 Cult of the Sub
No new posts Vocals for band
Last post: 03/01/14 12:50 pm by se7en
3 filthmonger
No new posts Clash cover band
Last post: 02/13/14 12:29 pm by Strummerfan
0 Strummerfan
No new posts Blackened Death metal band seeking members
Last post: 02/12/14 5:21 am by selfinflicted
1 selfinflicted
No new posts Looking to start classic goth/protopunk/Shoegaze band
Last post: 02/11/14 2:24 pm by Strummerfan
3 se7en
No new posts Experienced Guitarist seeking Drummer
Last post: 01/18/14 9:55 am by eriksincennes
1 Animus_Android
No new posts drummer seeking for a band
Last post: 01/15/14 8:12 am by eriksincennes
0 eriksincennes
No new posts Pop ALTERNATIVE/PUNK band Seeking Bass + Lead Guitar
Last post: 01/07/14 3:56 pm by castincadence
0 castincadence
No new posts Poll: A toast to jam
Last post: 04/29/10 1:46 pm by pitch
11 pitch
No new posts Poll: Torcherror Seeks Drummer. Mp3s Redesigned myspace
Last post: 03/28/10 9:19 am by dowork
Pages: 1 2
19 BillyH
No new posts Poll: LF: Experienced keyboardist or Pianist - Jazz (guit&bass
Last post: 03/10/10 10:14 pm by saul
5 BillyH
No new posts Poll: LF Bassist
Last post: 05/25/09 11:58 am by benroach14
0 benroach14
No new posts Poll: the clash or the ramones?
Last post: 11/03/08 6:40 pm by Hodge
5 im back
No new posts Poll: Drummer LOOKING for Screemo kinda band?!
Last post: 10/22/08 11:14 am by hotfix
1 Jordan Nelson
No new posts Poll: How do you write songs?
Last post: 09/10/08 9:33 pm by Ruckus
8 Inuvikphil
No new posts Poll: HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA CORE !!!
Last post: 08/17/08 6:28 pm by kwprurselfnymph
14 kwprurselfnymph
No new posts Poll: Busting out some ska jams.
Last post: 11/11/07 9:53 am by snowbordin
1 Bagman
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