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No new posts April 22: HONOUR YOUR WORD, Movie Screening with the IPSMO
Last post: 04/03/14 2:05 pm by username1
0 username1
No new posts Drones of North America (ex-Buried Inside/ METZ) EP
Last post: 03/11/14 2:46 pm by ixnay
0 ixnay
No new posts Glen Matlock & Sylvain Sylvain acoustic!
Last post: 03/07/14 10:14 pm by spectrasonic
0 spectrasonic
No new posts Did I dream...
Last post: 03/03/14 7:57 pm by evilhomestereo
0 evilhomestereo
No new posts free crack pipes are no more
Last post: 02/07/14 10:27 pm by CityofHope
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78 startur
Last post: 01/27/14 2:06 pm by warisbusiness
0 warisbusiness
No new posts Punk Rock Goat.
Last post: 01/23/14 3:56 am by CityofHope
1 Mole
No new posts Poll: 2014
Last post: 01/20/14 3:47 am by CityofHope
0 CityofHope
No new posts Consciousness
Last post: 12/24/13 12:15 am by godisdead
0 godisdead
No new posts couple bands to check out
Last post: 12/17/13 11:02 pm by BrandonCause
0 BrandonCause
No new posts BandsInCanada . New Online Board/Community!
Last post: 12/17/13 10:55 pm by BrandonCause
0 BrandonCause
No new posts Top Tens 2013
Last post: 12/07/13 2:08 am by Anti-social
1 losergeek
No new posts Grave Concern
Last post: 11/26/13 4:16 pm by ianvision
0 ianvision
No new posts Looking to join some sort of club or society
Last post: 11/18/13 10:21 pm by bywk
0 bywk
No new posts 6 reasons why vegans are wrong about animal protein
Last post: 11/18/13 12:24 pm by Vrock
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43 asku6fu6ofmeta6
No new posts National Capital Vegan Asscociation
Last post: 11/18/13 12:12 pm by Vrock
0 Vrock
No new posts expired diet pepsi?
Last post: 10/30/13 10:36 pm by Dani B.
3 LeCoach
No new posts new BIIPIIGWAN album, US/Canadian tour
Last post: 10/24/13 3:53 pm by Musky
1 Musky
No new posts Cigar
Last post: 10/16/13 12:46 pm by selfinflicted
5 selfinflicted
No new posts po.com punk rock flea market - Sept 28 - Mac Hall!!!
Last post: 09/22/13 9:09 am by scallen
0 scallen
No new posts new klovenhoofs video
Last post: 08/30/13 9:49 am by estee.tabernac
0 estee.tabernac
No new posts TONIGHT! Screaming Females, Organ Eyes, Yips @ Gabba Hey
Last post: 08/23/13 1:51 pm by spectrasonic
0 spectrasonic
No new posts new BIIPIIGWAN track
Last post: 08/17/13 10:24 pm by Dani B.
1 Musky
No new posts Best rap in Arnprior
Last post: 08/17/13 5:25 pm by colleenbean
3 colleenbean
No new posts FUMIGATION album out 8/20/2013
Last post: 08/11/13 11:43 am by fumigate
1 fumigate
No new posts ATTN new members who's accounts haven't been activated yet
Last post: 08/04/13 2:43 pm by evilhomestereo
1 scallen
No new posts frostbite history (someone invent a time machine!)
Last post: 07/29/13 1:46 pm by Gontran
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21 moesplant
No new posts where to hear about new shows
Last post: 07/25/13 7:01 am by losergeek
7 shawn
No new posts Them Thieves release new demo "Echo Midnight"
Last post: 07/16/13 4:26 pm by treybswalroth
0 treybswalroth
No new posts SENS TRADE!!!
Last post: 07/08/13 5:37 pm by CityofHope
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53 fashionablesean
No new posts New ANCIENT HEADS songs for summer 2013
Last post: 07/07/13 12:08 am by Nathaniel
1 LaForge
No new posts PC Free form meat
Last post: 06/25/13 9:17 pm by selfinflicted
0 selfinflicted
No new posts Rockfest charging local bands for playing Montebello event
Last post: 06/23/13 11:13 pm by selfinflicted
4 jasonramone
No new posts colby effing rasmus
Last post: 06/23/13 6:07 pm by CityofHope
3 envelope
No new posts Moving back to Ottawa need some advice on furniture
Last post: 06/18/13 7:16 am by losergeek
2 Sloth
No new posts Who likes Genetically Modified foods?
Last post: 06/17/13 11:04 am by Vrock
3 notsopunk
No new posts Hipsters who dress like Jackie from Roseanne
Last post: 06/14/13 12:30 am by estee.tabernac
1 jasonramone
No new posts A great dental surgeon in Ottawa?
Last post: 06/10/13 9:34 am by mediaforce
11 mikeyc
No new posts the transit calls it quits
Last post: 06/07/13 12:17 am by ThaDesil
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79 CHRISxontargetx
No new posts ODG-Ottawa Death/Grind
Last post: 06/05/13 10:59 am by selfinflicted
0 selfinflicted
No new posts Poll: Ninjas In The Hallway!
Last post: 05/30/13 1:18 pm by selfinflicted
1 tipyourhooker
No new posts 3 tix to Amnesia Rockfest, June 14-15
Last post: 05/15/13 10:39 pm by code_blue
0 code_blue
No new posts A TED Talk on Income Inequality by Nick Hanauer
Last post: 05/15/13 1:04 am by selfinflicted
0 selfinflicted
No new posts My Brain Hurts! w/ Mixtapes, Mikey Erg, Masked Intruder
Last post: 05/13/13 12:35 am by moesplant
1 moesplant
No new posts Punk-o-matic
Last post: 05/11/13 11:22 am by selfinflicted
4 selfinflicted
No new posts FUMIGATION Pest Control Safety Video
Last post: 05/05/13 10:07 am by fumigate
0 fumigate
No new posts No Orchestra
Last post: 04/26/13 11:25 am by InAntarctica
0 InAntarctica
No new posts Black Tower (new Ottawa band)
Last post: 04/24/13 10:17 am by fat matt
2 sickboy
No new posts New 'Black Oak Decline' song
Last post: 04/22/13 12:02 pm by selfinflicted
1 BlackOakDecline
No new posts To hell with Trudeau
Last post: 04/15/13 6:32 pm by selfinflicted
0 selfinflicted
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