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No new posts .
Last post: 03/21/18 12:50 pm by sammygoat
13 Lozinski
No new posts What happened to punkottawa.com???
Last post: 03/21/18 12:41 pm by sammygoat
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25 amadeus
No new posts Happy New Years
Last post: 01/15/18 11:04 am by losergeek
0 losergeek
No new posts You wanna hear some REAL political hip-hop shit??
Last post: 11/30/17 5:03 pm by CityofHope
9 InAntarctica
No new posts Holy shit
Last post: 11/19/17 8:46 pm by Blood_Axe
3 Jon
No new posts THE NILS ROLLCALL!!!
Last post: 10/17/17 2:24 pm by moesplant
0 moesplant
No new posts heys gang.
Last post: 10/17/17 2:14 pm by moesplant
2 Mole
No new posts 88FL returns!
Last post: 06/15/17 1:45 pm by scallen
0 scallen
No new posts HUGE 7" sale,1200 titles $3 each
Last post: 05/28/17 8:57 pm by SOM Rec
0 SOM Rec
No new posts edge breaking stories
Last post: 05/05/17 1:32 pm by smago10
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94 LeCoach
No new posts GOOD2GO + The Mere Humans - Sat. March 4th - Irene's Pub
Last post: 02/25/17 11:16 pm by O'matic
0 O'matic
No new posts Fumigation / HSR XMAS COMP 2016
Last post: 12/19/16 9:03 pm by fumigate
0 fumigate
No new posts Man, Ottawa bands of the early 90s sure were good.
Last post: 11/01/16 1:20 pm by SeanShameless
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19 Staniforth
No new posts What your top 3 Ottawa Punk bands 2016?
Last post: 10/24/16 6:04 pm by moesplant
No new posts SPIRITS (x Test of Time) / DIE FASTER split 7"/CS pre o
Last post: 03/20/16 2:56 pm by SOM Rec
0 SOM Rec
No new posts Roll Call - 2/13 Partner, The Yips & BB Cream at Pressed
Last post: 01/08/16 10:50 am by yeah
0 yeah
No new posts New Ottawa Black Metal
Last post: 12/22/15 12:38 pm by Nomad Gallery
0 Nomad Gallery
No new posts Huge Distro sale for Edge Day! SXE
Last post: 10/17/15 12:45 pm by SOM Rec
0 SOM Rec
No new posts dreadlocks salon?
Last post: 10/07/15 8:23 pm by Elemental
7 bil-ly
No new posts Timeshares ROLLCALL!!
Last post: 08/28/15 9:48 am by losergeek
1 moesplant
No new posts FULL OF HELL rollcall!
Last post: 08/27/15 12:06 pm by moesplant
0 moesplant
No new posts AGATHOCLES ROLL CALL!!!!!
Last post: 08/25/15 8:11 am by losergeek
1 moesplant
No new posts Rockfest
Last post: 07/13/15 5:40 am by scallen
2 CityofHope
No new posts Where are they now?? Ottawa band edition.
Last post: 07/03/15 12:47 pm by fat matt
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30 xninjax
Last post: 06/02/15 1:47 pm by Katzenjammer
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25 HandsomeD
No new posts SPIRITS discontent LP/DL (x TEST OF TIME, BEARTRAP)
Last post: 05/01/15 10:08 am by SOM Rec
0 SOM Rec
No new posts Anybody want to argue about hockey?
Last post: 04/21/15 12:25 pm by brian613
4 LeCoach
No new posts need a band for june 20th at Dekcuf
Last post: 04/15/15 12:01 pm by duke5668
0 duke5668
No new posts SUCH A MESS LP Pre Order ffo Turnover / The Wonder Years
Last post: 03/15/15 7:54 am by SOM Rec
0 SOM Rec
No new posts Getting into 19+ shows?
Last post: 02/26/15 6:11 pm by Scathe
0 Scathe
No new posts Goo Goo Dolls and Killjoys appreciation
Last post: 01/21/15 12:26 am by moesplant
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42 moesplant
No new posts Fans of Profane Existance and Havok better head to Vertigo
Last post: 01/21/15 12:11 am by moesplant
3 moesplant
No new posts Canadian Death Metal Comp
Last post: 12/26/14 11:53 pm by fumigate
0 fumigate
No new posts Xmas 2014 Canadian Metal Comp - free download
Last post: 12/22/14 3:23 pm by fumigate
0 fumigate
No new posts the punkottawa.com flea market - Sept 27 @ Bronson Centre
Last post: 09/26/14 12:57 pm by spectrasonic
2 spectrasonic
No new posts The New Enemy "Evolve To Destroy" EP (Toronto hard
Last post: 09/22/14 11:44 am by thenewenemy
1 thenewenemy
No new posts movies for drums (see full post)
Last post: 09/13/14 10:50 am by Tom Drum
0 Tom Drum
No new posts Sidelines - Self Titled
Last post: 09/12/14 2:05 pm by fat matt
3 Katzenjammer
No new posts Who's going to Propagandhi, Rvivr on Tuesday?
Last post: 08/21/14 9:58 am by losergeek
4 moesplant
No new posts Sete Star Sept show last night..
Last post: 08/12/14 7:16 pm by moesplant
0 moesplant
No new posts Looking for a Propagandhi ticket!
Last post: 08/11/14 12:21 pm by astro
0 astro
No new posts bank & sunnyside bar that hosted punk shows.
Last post: 08/07/14 6:40 pm by moesplant
5 Mole
No new posts The China Study
Last post: 08/07/14 6:38 pm by moesplant
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15 selfinflicted
No new posts Punk Rock History
Last post: 08/07/14 6:32 pm by moesplant
12 McCreature
No new posts FUMIGATION new vid
Last post: 07/31/14 9:08 pm by fumigate
0 fumigate
No new posts Bertha Does Moosejaw 1996 live @ the Pit
Last post: 06/27/14 9:12 pm by Sk8Style
1 berlywally
No new posts ELDER ABUSE CD/LP Pre Order, Tour, + More (x DAGGERMOUTH)
Last post: 04/05/14 6:29 pm by SOM Rec
0 SOM Rec
No new posts April 22: HONOUR YOUR WORD, Movie Screening with the IPSMO
Last post: 04/03/14 2:05 pm by username1
0 username1
No new posts Drones of North America (ex-Buried Inside/ METZ) EP
Last post: 03/11/14 2:46 pm by ixnay
0 ixnay
No new posts Glen Matlock & Sylvain Sylvain acoustic!
Last post: 03/07/14 10:14 pm by spectrasonic
0 spectrasonic
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